Lawsuit, Legal Aid Basics, Small Claims Court

What’s the Difference between Small Claims Court and other Courts?

Small Claims Court vs Other Courts? I. Small Claims Court – Types of Cases that go through Small Claims Court – Suing in Small Claims Court – Hiring a Lawyer in Small Claims Court II. Lower Courts (Provincial Courts and Territorial Courts) – Types of Cases that go through the Lower Courts III. Superior Courts (Provincial Courts and Territorial Superior

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Canada Immigration Law

Tips on Choosing Your Immigration Lawyer or Representative

Immigration Lawyer vs Immigration Consultant An immigration lawyer / immigration attorney is a person with a law degree, who has passed the bar exams, and who is licensed to practice law. Lawyers are regulated by the Law Society in their province (or their state, in the US). A lawyer can help prepare the paperwork for your immigration application, can advise

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Criminal Law, Legal Aid Basics

Arrested? Charged? Now What? – What to Do When You Are Arrested

Arrested or Charged with a Criminal Offence If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offence you’re probably wondering what kind of legal aid or information you need. While not a substitute for legal advice, this article can provide you with some basic answers to your questions about the law and the legal process. Your first concern is

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Coronavirus, Family Law

Child Custody and Access During the (COVID-19) Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus and Child Custody and Access – What’s a Concerned Parent To Do? Even during the Coronavirus pandemic, parents with custody of children must follow court orders and agreements which provide the other parent access to the children. The pandemic is not an opportunity in and of itself to stop following the current parenting schedule. Coronavirus disease (aka COVID-19) is an

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